Things You Should Ask Your Veterinarian at Your Next Visit

A regular visit to the veterinarian is essential if you want to ensure a healthy and happy life for your pets. Timely pet health assessments are an effective way to identify ailments and cure them at an early stage. However, the trip to the veterinary  hospital can be overwhelming. To make the most out of your next pet vet visit, remember to ask the right questions.

Some of the things you should ask them are listed below.

 Question #1 Is My Pet’s Weight is Appropriate?

Do you know? A survey conducted by the Association for Pet Obesity and Prevention has revealed that in the USA, over half of cats and dogs are overweight. What’s more astounding to note here is that many owners of over-weight pets don’t acknowledge that their pets are obese. When you visit your vet next time, ask them what should be the appropriate weight and size for your pet’s breed. If they happen to be overweight, ask them what diet they should be given.

Question #2 What is a More Appropriate Diet for the Pet?

Pets have different nutritional needs at different stages and age groups. What and how should a pet be fed also depends on their breed, lifestyle, and the area they live in. Veterinarians are the best people to turn to for your pets’ diet-related queries.

Question #3 Is it Normal That My Pet Behaves in a Certain Manner?

When it comes to pet health, one should never assume why their pet does what it does. Assuming that all dogs wheeze after exercise or they itch when they are in the backyard can turn out to be life-threatening for your dog. So, when you’re on a visit to your vet, ensure to ask them why they are behaving peculiarly.

Question #4 Is My Pet Up to Date on Vaccinations?

When you’re on your next visit to your vet at the Virginia Beach animal hospital, make sure you ask if your pet’s shots are up-to-date. No pet owner should overlook vaccinations and immunity boosters.

Question #5 Does My Pet Need a Dental Cleaning?

Oral hygiene is not only for us humans — pets, especially dogs and cats, contract dental diseases. In the USA alone, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have periodontal disease. Like any other ailment, if periodontal diseases are left untreated, it can turn into severe complications of the heart, liver, and kidneys. If you suspect your pet may have gum problems or mild gingivitis, call your vet at the animal hospital Virginia Beach and seek help.

Question #6 Should I get a Blood Test for My Pet?

Regular health check-ups of your pet should include an annual blood test too. Through blood tests, you can uncover a variety of ailments and illnesses. Health issues like heart problems, diabetes, live diseases, cancer, and kidney-related issues can be tracked early and prevented from turning more serious.

There are plenty of questions that you can ask your veterinarian like which vitamin or calcium supplements should you give to a puppy. What is the best medication for tick and fleas?


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